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Importance Of Cooling Down After An Intense Workout

We’ve all heard about the importance of warming up and stretching before undergoing any strenuous exercise. It’s crucial to get yourself into the right physical frame so that nothing is pulled, damaged, or overexerted.

Some of us even know how useful cooling mattresses can be for active people. Quite many active folks don’t realize just how important cooling down after a workout can be. We simply stop training, hop in the car, and head home, which isn’t the best idea.

Heart Stuff

Your heart needs to cool down after an exercise, just as it needs to warm up beforehand. Sudden changes in the load you place on your heart aren’t ideal, and this is true both before and after workouts.

Your heart is actually the best gauge for these things since it’s tapping the beats as you go. It’s the best indicator for how much warm up and cool down you require. For the ultra-fit among us, cooling down is quite fast, but for most, it requires a few minutes just to let your heart slow down more gradually.

It’s also a really small investment in your health, and it could be a big deal. All you need to do is take an extra five to ten minutes to decrease the intensity after your workout. When you’ve wound all the way down, top it off with some light stretching, and you’re done!


Just as suddenly dropping your heart rate isn’t a healthy move, leaving your muscles at high tension can be harmful. It’s not that well-known, but many muscle tears occur during the period after strenuous exercise rather than during it.

When you place a load on your muscles, it alters them in multiple ways. There’s a surge in blood flow, stretching and swelling, and so forth. When you stop suddenly, your muscles can sometimes be distorted, and this is where harm occurs.

That extra few minutes easing down to normal pace is all it takes to complete a decent cooldown, and your body will smoothly descend to normal again.


Just as with the heart and muscles, joints undergo changes during a workout. Once again, the rate of everything soars up, and it takes some time for things to normalize. Far and away, the best idea is to gradually lower the stress by cooling down properly.

When you ease down from the peak of your workout, it just gives your entire system a way to step down from the exertions slowly. Everything can wind down thoroughly and easily this way, meaning fewer strains and injuries for you.

Last Thoughts

Often, we feel a little drained and flat after a workout, especially when we push our limits a bit harder than normal. So, it’s easy to see why folks so often skip the cooling down part. We have busy lives, and so on.

The thing is, though, it’s very important. The harms you can cause to your body just aren’t worth it, especially since the cooldown doesn’t have to take much of your time. Just a few minutes of your workout spent slowing down can make all the difference!

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