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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Barbella Box?
    Barbella Box is a package delivered each month filled with premium functional fitness apparel, gear, accessories, supplements, snacks, workout tips, and more exclusively for WOMEN! This is a perfect way to try new products, snacks, and brands in the fitness market while also getting a mix of the ones you already love! Barbella Box is the perfect complement to your lifestyle… and for tomorrow’s WOD, of course.
  • How does Barbella Box work?
    Once you sign up for Barbella Box, you enter in your sizes, and shortly after you will receive a package straight to your door! This is an ongoing monthly subscription that you can cancel or pause at any time.
  • How much does it cost?
    You can sign up for Barbella Box monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you sign up on a month to month basis, you will be charged $50 plus FREE Shipping (in the US) each month. This is an auto-renewing monthly rebill. If you subscribe quarterly, you will receive 3 boxes for $47 each, billed every 3 months for a total of $141 each quarter. This is an auto-renewing quarterly rebill. If you subscribe to the annual subscription, you will receive 12 boxes for $45 each, billed every 12 months for a total of $540 each year. This is an auto-renewing annual rebill.
  • When is the monthly deadline?
    Depending on whether your sign-up month is 30 or 31 days long, you have until 7pm ET on the 15th (28-30 day month) or 16th (31 day month) of the month to sign up for that month’s Barbella Box. If you purchase after the 15th or 16th, you will receive your Barbella Box the following month. If you have questions regarding the deadline, send us an email and we will verify!


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