Past Boxes

Take a look at our past BarBella Boxes!

January 2018 – 2nd Birthday Box

The Chestee Kiki Leggings ($82 Value)
Sandbar Handcare ($25 Value)
Mind Over Matter Journal ($8.99 Value)
Zevia Energy Drink ($1.67 Value)
Trifecta Gift Card ($25 Value)

Total Value = $142.66

December 2017- Curated by athlete Emily Schromm

Born Primitive Alter Ego Hoodie ($58 Value)
Evolved Motion Micro Pouch ($10 Value)
Element Tummy Tonic Tea ($12 Value)
Coregeous Ball ($10.95 Value)
Get Happy Body Wash ($7 Value)
Evolved Motion Gift Card

Total Value = $97.95

November 2017- Strong is Beautiful Edition

BarBella Strong is Beautiful Raglan Tee ($24.99 Value)
Strength Wraps Limited Edition Arrow Design ($29.99 Value)
Pyrkia Silicone Bracelet ($24 Value)
Mike’s Recovery Restore Salts ($5.95 Value)
BarBella Metallic Strong Bag ($8.99 Value)
Pointe Studio Socks ($12 Value)
Kimera Koffee Sample Pack

Total Value = $105.92

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October 2017 – Breast Cancer Awareness Box

The Chestee – All Pink Q Bra ($58 Value)
Wod Dice – Limited Pink BarBella Edition ($19.99 Value)
Wod & Done Thumb Protection ($5 Value)
Yum Butter Plant Protein + Probiotic Almond Butter ($6.99 Value)
Pulse Skin Care Brave Bath Bar ($6.95 Value)

Total Value = $96.93

September 2017

Exo Crop Hoodie ($62.00 Value)
Kinx Active Smudge Proof Eyeliner ($15.00 Value)
Kinx Active Face Wipes ($8.00 Value)
ProTec Travel Foam Roller ($14.95 Value)
BarBella Resistance Band ($15.00 Value)

Total Value = $114.95

August 2017

ExoSleeve Elbow Wraps ($38.00 Value)
BarBella Box Kettlebell Daisy Tumbler ($19.99 Value)
Elivate Nutrition Probiotix ($32.99 Value)
SmashPack ($3.00 Value)
LaColombe Coffee Triple Threat ($2.00 Value)
BarBella Box Daisy Car Freshener ($2.00 Value)

Total Value = $97.98

July 2017

Fleo Shorts Limited Edition Shorts ($48 Value)
WodBottom Beach Bum Headband ($17.50 Value)
Eat Your Coffee Bar ($2.99 Value)
Protec Spiky Ball ($9.95 Value)
Halo Top Creamery Golden Ticket
Little Moon Essentials Clear Mind Mist ($4 Value)

Total Value = $82.44

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June 2017

Travel Essentials Box; Curated by CrossFit Athlete, Christmas Abbott

The Badass Life Book, by Christmas Abbott ($28.99 Value)
ExoSleeve Sweat Essentials Waterproof Bag ($19.99 Value)
LiveSore BarBella Cheekies ($9.95 Value)
Bourn Relentless Sleep & Recovery Supplements ($14.99 Value)
Bourn Relentless Pre-Workout Samples X2
LifeAid Beverage: TravelAid ($2.49 Value)
Bourn Relentless Hand Towel ($4.99 Value)

Total Value = $81.40

May 2017

BarBella X Born Primitive Moxie Bra ($48.00 Value)
Born Primitive Gift Card ($25 Value)
Gym Gypsy Workout Journal ($18.00 Value)
Pulse Skin Care Honey Dew Face Mask & Cleanser ($9.95 Value)
Ginger Candy ($3.99 Value)
Wod&Done Grips X2 ($6.00 Value)
Hand Armor Antibacterial Liquid Chalk ($6.95 Value)

Total Value = $117.89

April 2017

Curated by Weightlifting Athlete, Mattie Rogers

BarBella Duffle Bag ($24.95 Value)
Nike Weightlifting Tee ($25.00 Value)
Eleiko Pulling Straps (24.00 Value)
RomWod 1-Month Subscription ($13.95 Value)
XEndurance 1 Week Pack ($8.00 Value)
RP Strength Renaissance Woman E-Book ($32.00 Value)
RP Strength $25 Gift Card

Total Value = $152.90

March 2017

RokFit Joggers ($56.95 Value)
Double Under Wonder – Wonder Woman Jump Rope ($19.99 Value)
EXO Tape ($11.95 Value)
RX Bar – Whole Food Protein Bar ($2.16 Value)
Fit Aid Recovery Drink ($2.49 Value)

Total Value = $93.54

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February 2017

Curated by CrossFit Athlete, Brooke Wells Box

LifeAsRx Focus Muscle Tank ($25.99 Value)
RX Smart Gear Mini Grips ($14.95 Value)
MB Sling Shot Hip Circle ($25.00 Value)
ASRX Brooke Wells Calendar ($14.00 Value)
Kill Cliff Recovery Drink ($3 Value)
Compex Gift Card ($150 Value)

Total Value = $232.94

January 2017

It’s our Birthday Box

Femme Royale Lift Heavy Hoodie ($45 Value)
Barbell Leg Warmers ($14.99 Value)
Doc Spartan Bad Ass Chick Body Scrub ($9.99 Value)
Buff Bake Protein Cookie ($3 Value)
BPI Best BCAA Samples

Total Value = $72.98

December 2016

Winter Box

Vull Sport Leggings ($80 Value)
Junk Headband ($19.99 Value)
Go Cubes Chewable Coffee ($3 Value)
BarBella Car Freshener ($1.50 Value)
Quest Nutrition Breakfast Bar ($2 Value)

Total Value = $106.49

November 2016

Curated by CrossFit Athlete, Lauren Brooks

EXO Stainless steel water bottle ($38 Value)
EXO Wrist Wraps ($19.99 Value)
Barbell Beanie ($20 Value)
doTerra Moisturizing Bar ($9.99 Value)
doTerra Deep Blue Rub Samples

Total Value = $87.98

October 2016

Bruise No More Box

The Chestee Sports Bra ($58.00 Value)
JerkFit Nubs ($9.95 Value)
Pulse Skin Care Bruise Be Gone ($6.95 Value)
Mental Titan Koios Drink ($3.75 Value)
Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Ointment
Prince Of Peace Ginger Candy

Total Value = $78.65

September 2016

Curated by CrossFit Athlete,Christmas Abbott

Limited Edition Rebel EXO Knee Sleeves ($65 Value)
BadAss Body Diet Book (13.50 Value)
Be Unstoppable Coffee Mug (15.00 Value)
FitAid Drink ($2.99 Value)

Total Value = $96.49

August 2016

Tropical Theme Box

Unbroken Designs Velcro Belt ($45.00 Value)
LiveSore Pineapple Socks ($11.95 Value)
Doc Spartan Armpit Armour Deodorant ($10.99 Value)
Barbell Babes Sunglasses ($6.95 Value)
Amino Freeze Pops ($3.50 Value)

Total Value = $78.39

July 2016

Curated by CrossFit Athlete, Miranda Oldroyd

Linchpin “Happy Barbell” Tank ($28.00 Value)
We Are All Smith Miranda Inspired Arrow Bracelet ($34.00 Value)
Wod Welder Coffee Soap ($6.95 Value)
Caveman Coffee MCT Oil Sample
Flag Nor Fail Headband ($6.95 Value)
Progenex Cocoon Samples
Signed Poster and Recipe by Miranda Oldroyd

Total Value = $75.90

June 2016

Curated by CrossFit Athlete, Miranda Oldroyd

Wod Gear Booty Shorts ($48.00 Value)
Progenex Trucker Hat ($24.95 Value)
Rock Tape ($20.00 Value)
Progenex Shaker Bottle ($9.95 Value)
Progenex Grape Force Samples X2
RockSauce Chill Sample Pack
Signed Poster and WOD by Miranda Oldroyd

Total Value = $102.90

May 2016

Belle & Bell KettleBelle Hoodie ($42.95 Value)
Unbrkn Apparel Headband ($16.95 Value)
Caveman Coffee,Co 4 oz Coffee Pack ($10 Value)
Livesore BARBELLA Socks ($11.95 Value)
Kill Cliff Bars X 2 ($2.00 value each)
Tiger Balm Pain Reliever Patches X3

Total Value = $85.85

April 2016

Curated by CrossFit Athlete and Mom, Lauren Brooks

ExoSleeve Sunflower Knee Wraps ($38 Value)
Born Primitive/ BarBella Sunflower Limited Edition Tank ($27 Value)
Kill Cliff Epic Mojo Drink ($3.75 Value)
HealthForce Greens Supplement ($4.94 Value)
CrossFit Salvation Sticker ($2 Value)
Signed Poster of Lauren Brooks

Total Value = $75.69

March 2016

Sweat Translucent Powder Makeup Kit- SPF 30 ($42 Value)
SKLZ Accuball Massage Roller ($14.95 Value)
2 RawRev Glo Bars ($4 Value)
Gorilla Paw Liquid Chalk ($9 Value)
Girls Gone RX Hair Tie ($2 Value)
2 BPI Aminos Samples
2 BPI Vortex Samples

Total Value = $71.95

February 2016

Belle & Bell Limited Edition KettleBelle RacerbackTank ($27.50 Value)
Gym Gypsy Workout Planner and Journal ($18 Value)
2 BuffBake Red Velvet Single Packets ($3.50 Value)
Joshua Tree Lip Shimmer ($5 Value)
2 STAKK’D Caffeine Single Serves ($2 Value)
WOD Repair Lotion ($2 Value)

Total Value = $56

January 2016 (First BarBella Box!)

Curated by CrossFit Athlete, Andrea Ager

Born Primitive Vitality Bra ($45 Value)
GOAT Tape ($9 Value)
RX Bar ($2 Value)
NutriForce WOD Pak Supplement Samples ($2.50 Value)
Signed Post Card of Andrea Ager

Total Value = $58.50

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